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Worth Fighting For (feature film acting clip)

Alan Moore plays an uppity church deacon who gets put in his place in this feature film by Ebed Pictures. Writer/director Joshua Shiek won Best Director (feature film) at the 2017 International Christian Film Festival for this project.

Monologue (Country Death Song)

This is a practical exercise I ask my students to do...make a monologue out of song lyrics. It's good because you already "know" your lines. Try to break the familiar pattern and cadence of the melody and work on making it your own. This one is by the Violent Femmes.

Clip from Helium (short film)

Actor Alan Moore aka "Johnnie Sprinkle" plays the "Hunter" in this fantastically-weird dark comedy. Click on the link below to see an acting clip. The film was written and directed by Brian White of Outjogging Pictures. The trailer for the film is posted here.

Used Car Salesman (audition)

Audition for Pigg Enterprises in Prattville, AL  2016. Alan got the job as a recurring character in several of their commercials showing in the Montgomery, AL market.

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