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Custom films for local actors

September 29, 2018

Teaming up with Rare Quality Models & Talent in Dothan, AL -- Johnnie Sprinkle Films spent the weekend filming short films with local professional actors. Each actor had custom scenes written for them by writer and director Alan Moore.

"These are all professional actors who live nearby," said Moore. "Sometimes it's difficult for an actor to get a role if they don't have an extensive reel showing their work.  They just need a break so, working with Rare Quality, I wrote custom scripts for each of them to help them get some more experience to hone their craft. They're all so fantastic on camera."


Sissiejean Hendricks delivers a powerful performance in "Remember August" -- a heart-ripping story of loss and forgiveness.

Marcy Hinton and Dani Kent turn in a gripping performance in "Faith and Things Unseen." This mini-thriller focuses on two church camp counselors who don't yet realize that they are the only witnesses to the disappearance of Faith.

Courtney Robeson and Kael Copeland are both so adorable in "A Pure Heart." In this coming of age story, a boy has a crush on his babysitter, but he's powerless to save her from poor life decisions.

Other actors included Jay Adkinson, Rob Orlando and Greysen Handcock. Look for these films to be posted soon!

Eric Lee releases new promo by Johnnie Sprinkle

July 31, 2018

Eric Lee, an Enterprise country musician, just released a new promotional video of a live performance recorded in early July. Johnnie Sprinkle Films was hired to create the promo.

"I knew right away I wanted to help on this project," said Alan Moore. "Eric and I have worked together to make two of his music videos. He is such a talented and exciting performer. I can't wait to see him go big time."

Eric Lee hit the Country Music scene in 2012 vowing to stay true to his roots. He was the son of a sawmill foreman and pastor, and a mother who was a homemaker, which is where Eric learned his values. Lee had grown up in tiny Rupert, West Virginia, where he worked on his parents' small farm and enjoyed an archetypal American rural childhood.

“Just your everyday guy,” said Lee, “I believe hard work and doing what’s right is most important. You should always stay true to who you are”.


Lee may have been from a small town, but he wasn't naïve, and when he enlisted in the Air Force after high school, he was prepared and already eager to start his next band. Soon after arriving in Germany he met songwriter Jim Fruk, and the two began writing together, patiently waiting for the right break.

After serving four years in the Air Force, Lee eventually ended up in South Alabama where he signed his first record deal. His first single, "Small Town Ways," was released February 2012 which propelled him to the #1 Country Artist Spot in the Wiregrass Area. A second single, "Alabama Sun," was released in July of the same year. It helped him maintain the top of the charts in the Wiregrass and paved the way for his debut album, Southern Redneck, which earned rave reviews from critics and quickly became a success. With many exciting adventures still ahead, Eric Lee will be in the heads of enduring fans from every corner of this world.

Carpe Diem wraps filming

July 21, 2018

When a sad-sack softball team needs a pep-talk...send in the coach. Carpe Diem, a Johnnie Sprinkle short film, centers on an emotionally charged intramural team of grown men who rally together during a time out. Can they muster the gonads to overcome their emotions and ride the wave of victory?

Johnnie Sprinkle Films, in association with 321 Films, managed to finish the bulk of the filming at the Enterprise Sports Complex July 21st. A heavy thunderstorm compressed shooting timeline. The crew, racing to gather the necessary images as the storm approached, lost two hours off the shooting day.

"We barely got the expensive equipment put away when the thunderstorms opened up on us," said Alan Moore, the film's writer and director. "We are so thankful to the Enterprise Recreation Department for letting us film at the Sports Complex."

More than 100 volunteers, many of them sitting in the bleachers for hours, came together to make the script come alive. "I know its a cliché thing to say especially with a sports themed film, but this really is a team effort," said Moore. "We had such an exciting group of people in the stands. I am so grateful for them because they were just awesome and absolutely essential to make the story become real."

Much of the crew came from 321 Films and included director of photography Micah Pendleton, assistant directors Java Moody and Sharon Lewis-Saliba. John Morrison handled lighting with Joshua Massey on sound and Michaela Gatlin served as still photographer and production assistant.

Most of the crew and actors were local to Dothan and Enterprise, but others (thanks to help from Rare Quality Talent and Models) came from Montgomery, Birmingham and North Florida. The filmmakers still have a few scenes to shoot, which they will take care of in the coming months. The film is expected to be finished in time for the 2019 film festival season.

Sidewalk Film Fest selects Johnnie Sprinkle documentary

July 17, 2018

So happy to tell everyone that my documentary, "Madeleine Burnett (Rising Above)," has been selected for the 20th Annual Sidewalk Film Festival in Birmingham.  Film synopsis: Stars fell on Alabama, but this 11-year-old singer/songwriter is a rising star. As she overcomes bullying, she dreams of attending the prestigious Juilliard School.


This is JSF's fourth time being selected to the festival. Sidewalk Film Festival showcases the work of more than 250 filmmakers and welcomes 15,000 film lovers to Birmingham annually.  Since its debut in 1999, filmmakers from across the country and around the world have come to Birmingham to screen their work at Sidewalk and have been thrilled to discover enthusiastic crowds eager to devour new independent cinema.  The 20th annual Sidewalk Film Festival will take place August 20-26, 2018.

'Pied Piper' Video for Blue Bear Flutes RELEASED

December 18, 2017

From their home shop in South Alabama, make authentic Native American flutes and sell them worldwide. These hand-made beauties sound so soothing. I had a blast working with Charlie and Jesse Mato-Toyela on their new music video. This video is a celebration of life, of art, of whatever balances you in a crazy, fast-paced world. It is a pleasant reminder to slow down and live a little. The video features dozens of local artists who collaborated on this project. Filmed in Dothan, Alabama 2017. Click on the photo to see the new video. Visit also. Their link is posted below.

"Turtle" Official Selection for Sidewalk Film Fest 2017

July 30, 2017

Three years after the script for "Turtle"  (originally called "The Fishing Trip") won the 2014 Best Alabama Screenplay at the Sidewalk Film Festival in Birmingham, Johnnie Sprinkle Films is proud to announce the short film is an official selection for the 2017 Sidewalk Film Festival.

The short film, about an alcoholic father and his struggling son's fishing trip, is scheduled to show as part of the festival during the Sunday Alabama Shorts on August 27th at 5:15 PM to 6:45 PM at ASFA: Dorothy Jemison Day 1800 Reverend Abraham Woods Jr Boulevard, Birmingham, AL 35203


"Turtle" has also been selected to be part of a sneak-preview event to promote the festival.  The film will be also be shown Tuesday, August 22 at 7pm, at a special, limited-seating Sidewalk Shorts Preview ScreenTalk event at Carrigan's Pub in Birmingham.

Click here to buy tickets for the Sidewalk Film Festival. If you're interested in volunteering, there are plenty of perks (free tickets, parties, etc) for your time. Check it out here.  For more information about this release contact Alan Moore 360-561-9794.

'Turtle' nominated for Most Inspirational Short

March 06, 2017

The International Christian Film Festival nominated 'Turtle' for the Most Inspirational Short Film. The film, written and directed by Alan Moore focuses on an alcoholic father and his struggling son. While on a fishing trip, the two find inspiration where they least expect it.  The script for this film won Best Alabama Screen Play in 2014 at the Sidewalk Film Festival's Sidewrite Competition.

"More than 500 films were submitted for festival consideration," said Moore. "I was thrilled to have even been selected, but to be nominated for Most Inspirational is a blessing in itself."

The film stars Dan Beltran Jr, a combat veteran and student at Troy University as the father. Lucas Orlando, a student at Enterprise High School plays the son. The festival is May 4-6 in Orlando, FL

Behind the scenes with 11-year-old singer

January 31, 2017

Madeleine is another gem that sparkles in the Wiregrass. This super-talented young lady, daughter of a local military retiree, has an angelic voice. Her parents hired Johnnie Sprinkle Films to record some video for her working in Brad Jerkins’ studio. This behind the scenes look at the process offers a glimpse of the final product.

Maggie Downs films new music video

January 20, 2017

The lovely and talented Maggie Downs returned to her hometown of Enterprise, AL to film a new music video for her song "Standing in the Rain." Bless her heart, it was the first day of winter when we filmed the rain scenes. She's such a trooper for literally standing in the cold rain for many takes. Watch the video below in HD and find her on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Johnnie Sprinkle to produce new talk show 'Harolyn'

December 27, 2016

Be watching for a new endeavor I've joined with local talk show host Harolyn Benjamin. See the teaser for the show below...


The New Orleans transplant made Enterprise her home after Hurricane Katrina forced her to evacuate. Appearing on TV and radio shows in the area, she has quickly become the face everybody knows. Her energy is epic and her heart is too big for her body. Join us for her new talk show in 2017. The show is produced by Women Who Care and Johnnie Sprinkle Films.

Alan Moore, Dir of Photography, for Project Greenlight Finalist

September 15, 2014

Alan Moore was asked by writer and director Joshua Sheik to shoot his short film, Excuse Me for entry into Project Greenlight by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Joshua's witty and creative film earned a Top 20 spot out of thousands of entries. (Click on the image to watch the film.)

"I was very blessed to have been a part of his team," Moore said.  "Josh is an extremely talented writer and director. How often can you say you've shot so many genres in one little film? That's not even mentioning the fun of filming a knife fight in an elevator."


HBO has released the top 20 short films submitted for the new edition of the filmmaking reality series Project Greenlight. Project Greenlight is coming back and the filmmaker contest/reality television series is deep in the elimination process. Thousands of filmmakers submitted their entries which were viewed and rated by a peer group of participants on the website. The top 200 directors advanced and were asked to submit a two minute bio video about themselves. The judges selected the top 10%. See Josh's short film and bio video.

Alan Moore script "Best Alabama Screenplay"

August 25, 2014

Alan Moore's script "The Fishing Trip," won Best Alabama Screenplay at the 2014 Sidewalk Film Festival. The short film has since been produced by Johnnie Sprinkle Films and is scheduled for festival release in 2017 under the new film title, Turtle.

SYNOPSIS: A fishing trip doesn't go as planned for an alcoholic father and his struggling son, but they find inspiration when they least expect it.

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